Fast-dye analysis GUI

My flagship software is a graphical based program that can be used for fast-dye analysis. This is most useful and tested primarily for fast calcium dyes including Rhod-2 and Fluo-4, and dyes for transmembrane voltage including RH237, di-4-ANEPPS, and di-4-ANBDQBS. The most powerful feature is the batch analysis option, which can analyze hundreds of files in an automated fashion once the parameters are optimized for that particular dataset. The automated batch process is particularly useful for long-term studies where the region of interest does not change.

An example is shown below showing a loaded spinning disk microscopy file and calcium response with peak detection and other markers.

Currently the software can load data from:

  • Andor .SIF images
  • Zeiss .LSM images
  • Nikon .ND2 images
  • 2D .txt signals (TSV recommended)

In development:

  • SciMedia images
  • TIFF stacks

The software provides several advanced measurement and analysis features including the ability to fine-tune the activation time detection and selection of duration endpoints. Fitting options are also selectable to choose between common options from various research groups and data types.